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FDR and 50 Yiddish-speaking Socialists

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“Progress” and “Forward” are a patched banner delusion of a one world government. One world is not the equal of one God. God is the law of diversity, individuality, and infinite reflection. Are we not all one world, already, in Spirit?

FDR was labor's choice as presented in "The Forward"

FDR was labor’s choice as presented in “The Forward”

All order that exists belongs to God. So one must ask, from what source do you get your order? America’s founding principles have worked pretty well, one nation under God. Why destroy the model? Slaves were freed in it. Women made their way in it. Gays marry in it. We don’t need socialism to prove that God has her place in every home that welcomes her.

The world comes together on its own through technology. Who prefers McDonalds hamburger when in Japan? The price of socialism and its near cousin communism would freedom lost. Freedom, like free speech, is the American way. This photo of FDR is from the “Jewish Daily Forward Newspaper” founded in 1897 by “50 Yiddish-speaking socialists”. All these socialists moved in after, possibly even in response to, Mary Baker Eddy unleashing the key to the Scriptures revealing the true nature of reality, the science of the Christian God. Sure it’s an odd and original idea. But I think its true. Christian Science healers starting in 1872 through to 1920 were a force like a new undeclared political party. They proved the worth of American religious freedom. And they weren’t aggressive like some of the evangelicals we see today.

Socialism is┬ácontrary to intellectual freedom. Our American system is built on intelligent love for one’s neighbor, not only one’s relative, but love for all humanity.


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No Time to Write? Send a Postcard!

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Have a Heart Postcard

Have a Heart
c. 1915

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A Fan of Professor Coffin

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“A man should choose with careful eye the things to be remembered by.” ~ Robert P. Tristram Coffin

Strange Holiness
won Pulitzer Prize for Poetry 1936

…When Morris went to Bowdoin’s in 1942-43 (he returned and graduated after the war) his english professor was American poet, Robert Peter Tristram Coffin. On the evening of May 5, 1943 Morris writes Arline:

I have been sitting in the living room for more than two hours listening to him talk. He is really a remarkable man but he is a bit hard to follow. He was giving us some insights on the intellectual abilities of the medieval man. Then the conversation, or more appropriately monologue, shifted to religion. He gave us some amazing information on many religious sects such as the Shakers, Mormons…etc. It isn’t often you have the chance to talk firsthand with a Pulitzer Prize winner and Rhodes Scholar.

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