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Yoga Joes New Twist on WWII Toy Soldier

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A memory came of green toy soldiers in my neighbor’s sandbox. I think on some level I knew, at the time, they were WWII soldiers whatever that means to a six year old in the 1960s. Over Christmas 2014 I discovered Yoga Joes, the same plastic toy soldiers, only pink and doing yoga poses! A kickstarter program was funded well over the goal. Here they are! Photo below links to the artist’s campaign, now a company.

Yoga Joes Toy Soldier Art

Yoga Joes Toy Soldier Art

In the 60s one of our neighbors had a giant sandbox in their backyard. Long pine planks framed it. You could sit on the edge. Little green wax soldiers were tumbled in its sand. Other stuff was assorted Tonka trucks. I pondered as a little girl to get any sense of how to play with toy soldiers. The sand scene under an old pine was inviting. The pieces were a wonder. Messed up, buried, tossed. Never saw them played with. Boy stuff.

So I’d sit there, alone, sometimes just wondering in sacred space. Sacred space in a plot on common grass, E. Grand Rapids, Michigan. The pine must have whispered “rock garden, Japan, rake the sand”.  My affinity for sacred space and nature has always been with me.  Forty years later I don’t have a sandbox or a rock garden. I do have a Japanese teahouse under a pine tree. A wonderful place for little green men to play.



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