Robin William’s Death, Like Vets, From Psyche Meds

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Twenty-two war vets commit suicide every day in the U.S. If vets could sue the VA maybe we’d have more of them. In  2009 I founded a pilot program, Los Angeles Veterans Acupuncture. I ran it for two years. The V.A. blocked free acupuncture at every level. But I ran a clinic down the street from the V.A. and with Emperor’s College helped war vets diagnosed with PTSD to heal using acupuncture and holistic medicine. The V.A. wanted them on psyche meds.

When Morris’s mind wavered while deployed during WW2, he called it Nostalgia Complex in a letter. He had just returned from a long jeep ride to General MacArthur’s palace in the jungle. Nostalgia Complex is a good way to describe PTSD. Too many vets are on psyche meds. And apparently too many drug rehabs over-prescribe them.

The coroner’s report on Robin Williams shows two psychiatric medications in “therapeutic doses”. One was in his blood, Mirtazapine. WebMD says this drug is used to treat depression. It also kills people with depression. The other drug mentioned is Seroquel, which was not in his blood, but by his side along with his iPad open to several sites offering information about medication. Both drugs that Robin was prescribed have side effects of suicidal ideation and suicide. Suicides like Robin’s, caused by doctor prescribed meds as evidenced by the manner and style of his suicide, are not uncommon.

Medical malfeasance starts with the manufacturer. Robin’s ipad was open to several drug info sites. This indicates someone trying to get info. He had complained to his wife he didn’t like how they made him feel. He had stopped Seroquel. He must have been trying to get of them. Getting off psyche meds can cause worsening symptoms and can be the most dangerous time. Below is Dr. Breggin’s testimony about war vet suicides linked to psychiatry meds. There is no doubt in my mind that psychiatric drugs were responsible for Robin’s death.



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68 Years Ago on Martin Luther King Day

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~Love Letter of WWII, January 21, 1945, and about General MacArthur…

Love Letter on Marin Luther King Day

Love Letter of WW2 January 21st 1945

68 years ago from this Martin Luther King Day my father, Morris, wrote about a mountain in a love letter to my mother, Arline:
“This is a rainy Sunday morning in New Guinea and I have a nostalgia complex so I guess I’ll talk to you for a while. A couple days ago I took a ride inland…Away up on top of one of the mountains we saw General MacArthur’s home. It is a modern palace in a tropical jungle. I guess it is something like this that doesn’t put him in such high favor with many of the men in mud out here.”

I walk my dog. I contemplate the letter. I connect with my father, across time, across place.

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