High School Graduation 1942

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This is vintage style. Deering High School in Portland Maine had a five year program in the 40s. My dad, Morris, was a year older than my mother, Arline. He did the five year program in order to graduate with his love. That’s what he told her anyway.

High School Graduation

Arline is modest about her age…late 80s. She’s so peppy however that her physical therapists say they are worried she’ll “over do it” going home tomorrow after three weeks in hospital post broken hip from a fall. In high school she was one of the “sports girls” as she puts it.

Mom and girls had to merge into all boy squad

Mom and girls had to merge into all boy squad

Arline organized the first female cheerleaders at Deering High School in Portland Maine.  Dad was a jock, played Varsity football, baseball, basketball and track. The girls had to merge in with the all boy cheerleader squad. It was a challenge for Arline to convince the principal to let girls be cheerleaders.

Looking forward to being your nurse mom, traveling back to the 40s this 2012 Christmas.

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