Memorial for Ruth Ladd

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My mother called tonight. Her sister Ruth, my Aunt Ruthie, died today.

The sisters were very close and shared a bedroom in junior high and high school. Like my maternal grandmother, Mattie–also called Martha, Ruth played the piano by ear. Ruth was just a year and a half younger than Arline. They were both born after Mattie was 40. She called the girls her “two surprises”.

Ruth was a lovely person. I’ll always remember her easy encouraging laugh. She never left Maine. In the 60s my family would visit her and my cousins in Portland Maine in the summers when Morris had his two week vacation from the bank. We drove back every year, from Grand Rapids, Michigan to Maine. It was a two day trip through Canada, New York, New Hampshire in our blue Ford Station Wagon.

Ruth is survived by four children and several grandchildren.

In the photo below Ruth is in front on the pony. Arline was born in 1924 so this must be early 30s.

Ruth and Arline on Pony

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