Midshipman’s School 1944 Graduation

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Going through a trunk filled with Father’s war memorabilia. This photo of Dad’s graduation at Notre Dame Midshipmen’s School hit me hard. A striking photo. I grabbed his magnifying glass, hunting for his face in a mass of rows.

I feel an intense pull. Dad is third in from the left, in the second row up.

Midshipman’s School Graduation c.1944

The original photo reveals a depth of feeling in the faces. Some of the men’s caps seem too large on their heads, tipped and slightly skewed. Fascinating, the subtle nuances in each “stern” face. Dad’s visor casts a shadow over his dark brown eyes. I sense something. To me he looks as if he had been crying shortly before this shot was taken. Such a dark time. He didn’t choose this exactly. The draft was otherwise hanging over his head so he enlisted. I feel like a mother might about her boy, protective. He looks like my brother Jeff did as a teenager. I never had a family member go to war before and he is leaving us now here.

Just for today I feel like my family member is going to war. It’s happening in these letters.

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