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FDR and 50 Yiddish-speaking Socialists

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“Progress” and “Forward” are a patched banner delusion of a one world government. One world is not the equal of one God. God is the law of diversity, individuality, and infinite reflection. Are we not all one world, already, in Spirit?

FDR was labor's choice as presented in "The Forward"

FDR was labor’s choice as presented in “The Forward”

All order that exists belongs to God. So one must ask, from what source do you get your order? America’s founding principles have worked pretty well, one nation under God. Why destroy the model? Slaves were freed in it. Women made their way in it. Gays marry in it. We don’t need socialism to prove that God has her place in every home that welcomes her.

The world comes together on its own through technology. Who prefers McDonalds hamburger when in Japan? The price of socialism and its near cousin communism would freedom lost. Freedom, like free speech, is the American way. This photo of FDR is from the “Jewish Daily Forward Newspaper” founded in 1897 by “50 Yiddish-speaking socialists”. All these socialists moved in after, possibly even in response to, Mary Baker Eddy unleashing the key to the Scriptures revealing the true nature of reality, the science of the Christian God. Sure it’s an odd and original idea. But I think its true. Christian Science healers starting in 1872 through to 1920 were a force like a new undeclared political party. They proved the worth of American religious freedom. And they weren’t aggressive like some of the evangelicals we see today.

Socialism is contrary to intellectual freedom. Our American system is built on intelligent love for one’s neighbor, not only one’s relative, but love for all humanity.


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Roosevelt $25,000 Net for Spendable Income

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Yesterday was President’s Day. I looked back to see what Roosevelt was up to on Feb. 18th 1943. A small headline said he was asking for salary limits to be maintained, his Executive Order, the Act of Oct. 2, 1942 (price and wage control), limiting salaries to $25,000 net after taxes. A single person would have no more than $25,000 spendable income and a married couple no more than $50,000.

Roosevelt Demands Limits
Lewiston Daily Sun 2/18/43

I agree with one blogger: This is like a confiscation similar to if gun control today were managed through an executive order vs. through Congress.

Here’s what the article says: With a strong movement underway in Congress to repeal his $25,000 limit (after taxes) on salaries, President Roosevelt renewed today a demand for super wartaxes leaving no single person more than $25,000 spendable income and no married couple more than $50,000. “I Trust” he said in a letter to Chairman Doughton (D-NC) of the House Ways and Means Committee, “that without such tax levies the Congress will not rescind the limitation (on salaries) and permit the existence of inequities that seriously affect the morale of soldiers and sailors, farmers and workers, imperiling efforts to stabilize wages and prices and thereby impairing the effective prosecution of the war.”
50-90% Levy as Substitute If congress is not willing to tax away all income above his proposed maximums, Mr. Roosevelt said he hoped it would at least provide a minimum tax of 50% with graduated rates up to 90%. These levies would be in addition to regular income taxes…(and I’m thinking about all the rationing!)

Roosevelt stated that his authority to issue this order was attested by the Attorney General and was issued under legislation vesting the President with the power to adjust salaries to correct gross inequalities.

Eventually, both the House and Senate passed a debt ceiling bill with a salary cap repeal rider attached. Most Democrats went along, noting, as Senator Alben Barkley put it, “the importance of increasing the debt limit.”
This is a bit off my topic of Love Letters, I was just kind of amazed. Here’s a link to a blog with more info

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