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New Year, New York, New Letter

Posted by on Jan 1, 2013 in 1940s Life, All Blog Posts, High School Years, Media, Photo, Vintage Style | 0 comments

It’s New Years Day 2013. Once in a while these blogs get more present tense.

“This is the year you learn to text, Martha.” Lightly my girlfriend adds, “You’re the only person I had to call!”

Texting is an immediate way to convey love. But a text not so enduring.

Dad, 4th from Left. NYC. Athletic Event c. 1942.

I contemplate the lost art of letter writing. I scanned this shot of my dad today. The actual photo is small. But the scan was large enough that Arline, my mom, could identify the fellows. Morris’s best friend Marty Lee is far right. “Wow,” I said to Mom, “Dad sure looks great! Look how they’re dressed up and they’re only in high school here. ”

“Your father loved to dress up!”

Spending time with my mom as she recovers from surgery is just the close-up intimacy I need to garner meaningful details. 1940s style like above extended to love letters. Classy, personal, collectible.

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