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1932 Pontiac Convertible Built for Love Letters

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in 1920s and 1930s, All Blog Posts, Vintage Style | 0 comments

Stopping at the gas pump is not always so exciting. A few days ago I pulled in expecting just a chore. This 1932 Pontiac Convertible was in the mechanics area of the gas station. So this is why we call it a trunk. Is it filled with love letters?


1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible Original Colors

1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible car. You Drive. I’ll write.

1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible Trunk for Love Letters

1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible Antique California License Plate

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When I am Old I Shall Drive a Ford Model A

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After WWII, cars were hard to come by and my parents had to go to Boston (from Maine) to buy their first car. The family had a Ford Station Wagon in the 60s. And now I drive a Ford Explorer. I wash my car at a self-service place. And just when I was thinking I deserve a more classy carwash experience, look what pulled in for a wash.

1929 Ford Model A Car

1929 Ford Model A Car, My DREAM Car!

Santa Barbara is old car heaven. Beautifully restored vehicles cruise our streets daily. Henry Ford was into healthy lifestyle. Ford built health into his engines. No surprise to see the word HEALTH stamped on the Model A engine. Ford didn’t smoke or drink. Ford design was about simplicity. He was appalled when folks got greedy wanting more than one car, putting in two car garages and such. Henry Ford was opposed to lifestyle excess, believed in truth, health, and ideas like sustainability. Ford is my kind of man, my kind of car.

Model A Health Heater

Model A Healthy Heater


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Love Letters to 1940s Bride

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1940s photo of my mother and dad getting in to a car first time as husband and wife.

Photo 1940s Honeymoon

Off for the Honeymoon!
First trip as Man and Wife. c. 1946

Morris married Arline soon after he returned from WW2. Just noticed something,
these are the highest heels I have ever seen Arline wear! Arline held to
the values of her day and peers including modesty, not too much make-up and no smoking.

Her wedding dress is still in the Hope Chest. But not the shoes. Wonder if she
ever wore them again…I want to hold The Shoes in my dream. Let’s see what happens.

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Love’s Style 1946 Chevy

Posted by on Jul 30, 2013 in 1920s and 1930s, 1940s Life, All Blog Posts, Media, Vintage Style | 0 comments

At four o’clock today I changed into a fresh tee shirt. I heard a silent whisper, “pick red”. ┬áIt wasn’t a favorite shirt. I was thinking this shirt does nothing for me and I’m not turned on by it, but what the heck, it’s red. Fine. Bluejeans on, always good. A quick run over the hair. I thought, nah, no need for make-up or style. Just going for groceries.

So. Look what pulled up at the market. A 1946 RED CHEVY. Goes with my tee shirt like a box of Red Hots.

Red Chevy 1946 STYLEMASTER!

Red Chevy 1946 STYLEMASTER!

Moral of story? As told in 1939 dress pattern ad: Always be styled for a love affair!

1946 Chevy Stylemaster in Red

1946 Chevy Stylemaster in Red



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