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1932 Pontiac Convertible Built for Love Letters

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Stopping at the gas pump is not always so exciting. A few days ago I pulled in expecting just a chore. This 1932 Pontiac Convertible was in the mechanics area of the gas station. So this is why we call it a trunk. Is it filled with love letters?


1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible Original Colors

1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible car. You Drive. I’ll write.

1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible Trunk for Love Letters

1932 Pontiac Convertible

1932 Pontiac Convertible Antique California License Plate

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Love Letters to 1940s Bride

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1940s photo of my mother and dad getting in to a car first time as husband and wife.

Photo 1940s Honeymoon

Off for the Honeymoon!
First trip as Man and Wife. c. 1946

Morris married Arline soon after he returned from WW2. Just noticed something,
these are the highest heels I have ever seen Arline wear! Arline held to
the values of her day and peers including modesty, not too much make-up and no smoking.

Her wedding dress is still in the Hope Chest. But not the shoes. Wonder if she
ever wore them again…I want to hold The Shoes in my dream. Let’s see what happens.

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Arline’s Birthplace Photo c.1924

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I was writing about a snow scene in front of my mother’s first house and came across this online–a photo of it! This is the house Arline was born in on Forest Avenue in Portland Maine.

House Where Arline was Born
Forest Ave., Maine c.1924

This photo is from the tax assessor and was taken the year of her birth in 1924. It was fun showing it to my mom, “Hey that’s my house!” She went on to fill me in, “There is a very high hill on the left there. We always had sleds. The neighbors would slide down to the sidewalks.”

It’s a winter scene and she was born in June. She imagines that’s papa out back. There was a shed out back. Steps up to the back door. In summer there was always a hammock on the front porch. The upstairs was an attic. “Funny, there’s no one I can share this with,” she says, “I mean anyone left who’d recognize our home.”

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