Easter falls on the 1st Sunday following the 1st full moon after the spring equinox, between 3/22 and 4/25. Copy that?

I went to church with Arline last week. I used to go, and was once a Christian. I walked out of the church when a substitute minister started preaching against abortion from the pulpit. It was too much. But I loved the service last week, the organ, the choir, the people greeting each other saying “Peace be with you.”

In 1945, Easter was April 1st. This year it’s tomorrow, the 20th. I pulled one of my father’s letters from April 20th 1945. Morris had been stationed in the South Pacific 5 months. He was engaged to Arline. They did it in letters. He sent the news of their engagement to his parents in a telegram. Arline had been at his folks home for dinner. In the letter Mose asks, “What were your first feelings when they read the telegram?” Awesome! Then he details his future pay as a lieutenant.


Morris’s memorial service was April 1st, 1999. I remember him every April Fools Day. He had a dry sense of humor. He had a way with puns. At the memorial service his brother Henry said, “Morris was the last of the good guys.”


  1. Dear Mary,It seems as it is the time in our lives we must say goodbye to our pueriocs parents and we become the parents. We have lost all of ours. There are so many questions I wish I could ask and so many times I think of a pleasure we could share.I think it is wondrful you were sharing storiies about your Dad ,they will be so special in your heart.How much fun it must hav been going through the attic with your brother.God bless you,your family and ofcourse your Dad may he rest in peacee

    • Thanks Amellia,
      My name is Martha–but Mary is a great name too 🙂


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